Our Journey to Walk for the Waiting

JamesGangInNLRWe are the James family (aka. the James Gang in North Little Rock), and we have “a lot a kids.”  This site is to record our journey, our adventure, as we dream about what God wants us to do for “the orphan”.  We do have some back story to fill in as we have already adopted three kids and have three biological.  That’s right – six kids total run around our house, and the oldest is currently 7 years old.  So, we are Nathan and Amy James (the parents), Eli (7), Lucy (5), Olivia (5), Ellie (3), Zeke (1), and Mariah (7 months).  The back story on us will have to wait because right now we want to talk about the Walk for the Waiting.

Walk for the Waiting is an event to raise awareness and funds for three organizations: The CALL, Project Zero, and Immerse Arkansas. We believe God’s desire is to place each and every child in a loving family and we want to do our part by helping raise the funds and awareness to do so. We desire to be apart of something bigger than ourselves and hope you will join us.  To find out more about these organizations see their websites below.